Are Bounce Houses Safe For Children?

Before renting a bounce house, parents should thoroughly research a bounce house rental supplier and take all necessary bounce house safety precautions. At Celebrations Party Rentals, providing bounce house safety is of the utmost importance to us. We offer a large variety of bounce house rentals, ensuring fun and safety.

Before Renting A Bounce House

Bounce house rentals are relatively safe for children as long as proper precautions and safety measures are taken. Parents should perform thorough research on the bounce house supplier that they want to use. It is important to ask the supplier for records of accidents and injuries. Parents can also request records showing that their inflatables have been checked annually by a reputable source.

Bounce House Safety Guide For Parents

Once a bounce house is rented, set-up and location are crucial. A bounce house should be installed, anchored and situated away from any fences, pools or large trees and branches.

Children should remove shoes, glasses, jewelry and any other objects that are sharp or can become projectiles. Food and drinks should also not be allowed into the bounce house.

It is important to let children of the same age and size enter the bounce house. Bounce house attendees should be provided for constant supervision. These attendees will make sure that the right amount of children are permitted into the bounce house at any given time.

Hire A Reputable Company Like Celebrations Bounce House Rentals

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible supplier of bounce house rentals, then Celebration Bounce House Rentals has got you covered. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe and relaxing atmosphere for both children and adults to enjoy. Our professional bounce house attendants will ensure that bounce house safety is implemented every step of the way. From installation to break down, we will oversee and supervise throughout the entire party. Give us a call at 804-433-0211 to get the party started.