How Celebrations Ensures Bounce House Safety

kids party rental

Inflatable kids party rentals can be a fun addition to any party or event, but if the proper precautions aren’t taken, kids can sometimes get hurt. Bounce house safety is a top priority at Celebrations Bounce House. We take pride in providing durable inflatables that exceed all industry standards for safety.

Our Kids Party Rentals Are Set Up By Professionals

Ensuring the safety of kids party rentals is a major concern for adults organizing an event. When you rent a bounce house from Celebrations Bounce House, our experienced and professional staff will deliver the inflatable straight to your location. We will take care of the entire setup process. We will make sure that the setup surface is clear of toys, rocks, sticks and pet waste. The ideal surface for a bounce house is on a clear, grassy area, but units can also be set up on asphalt.

During the setup process, all inflatables will be anchored down with either metal stakes or sandbags. We also recommend that home or property owners call Mr. Utility of VA prior to the delivery of the bounce house, to make sure all underground utilities are properly marked. This will help our staff choose the safest area, free of any possible electrical hazards.

Our Bounce House Rentals Are Safer

At Celebrations Bounce House, our bounce houses are cleaned and inspected before and after each use. All of our inflatable rentals are also accompanied by a Watchdog Safety Siren. These are the newest technology for inflatable bounce house safety. If the Watchdog Safety Siren detects any problems in regards to the connection to the air flow or the power supply, it will sound an alarm. This will alert parents that there is a problem and any children currently inside the bounce house must be immediately taken out until the issue is resolved.

Other Bounce House Safety Precautions

Prior to renting one of our bounce houses, we take the time to make sure that all adults present are properly educated on how to proceed once kids are using the rentals. For bounce houses and slides not exceeding 15ft., one adult over the age of 18 must be present at all times. If the inflatable exceeds 15ft, then two adults over the age of 18 are required to be present at all times.

Celebrations Bounce House has the proper bounce house safety measures that will ensure the safety and fun of both adults and children. If you are interested in having a kids party rental at your next party then call us now at 804-433-0211 to order our quality and safe product.