Top 5 Party Rentals For A Kids Party

Planning and preparing a kids’ birthday party can be a fun but daunting challenge. The goal is to throw the best party possible for the birthday boy or girl and their friends. Entertaining a group of kids can be tiring for parents, especially if there are other party related tasks they need to perform. Here are the top 5 kids party rentals for birthday parties and events.

  1. Bounce House – A bounce house rental is probably the most popular item requested for a kids birthday party. It’s fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. Bounce houses allow kids to jump around and spend quality time with their friends. The inflatable material is safe for kids and is capable of being set up anywhere with a flat surface.
  2. Slides – For parties in the summer or in warm climates, renting an inflatable water slide is one of the best pieces of equipment to rent. Kids can cool off sliding down a water slide. They can also race each other side by side with a dual inflatable water slide rental. Dry slides are also fun for parties and bring thrill and excitement.
  3. Fun Foods – When entertaining multiple guests at a party, they will eventually get hungry. Providing concessions doesn’t have to be mundane, it can be fun. Renting a popcorn, cotton candy, or sno-cone machine will be a hit at any party. There is nothing like the taste of sweet cotton candy or the crunch of a popcorn machine. For a hot summer day, nothing quite compares to having a refreshing sno-cone.
  4. Themed Rentals – For parties that have a specific theme, a themed bounce house is the way to go. Party Rental companies such as Celebrations Bounce House, have a wide selection of themed bounce houses. The themed bounce house they offer range from Disney Princesses to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  5. Bounce House Water Slide Combo – For the best of both worlds, renting a bounce house water slide combination is the ultimate party rental. Kids will be able to bounce all day and cool off down the water slide. These bounce houses combination is also available in a variety of themes.

Choosing party entertainment for a kids birthday party has never been easier with Celebrations Bounce House. We have a large assortment of party rental equipment that will be a hit at any celebration. With the variety available, they will be able to accommodate any party rental equipment request. Contact us today at 1 (804) 433-0221 to reserve a bounce house rental for the next event.