What To Look For In A Bounce House Combo

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Celebrations Bounce House has a great selection of bounce house combos. We are a family owned and operated company that supplies bounce house rentals in Chesterfield. A bounce house combination is a bounce house with a water slide attached. This can create great fun for children at a party. While looking to purchase a bounce house combination there are numerous factors that need to be considered such as safety, themes, and features. These factors are essential to consider in order for children to have fun in a safe space.

What To Look For In A Bounce House Combo:

  • Safety
  • Size And Capacity
  • Features
  • Reasons to Choose A Bounce House Combo


Safety should be the first factor considered while looking for a bounce house combo. Since children engage in a lot of physical activity it is crucial to find a bounce house combo built from strong laminated vinyl and nylon materials. These strong and durable materials allow the bounce house combo to be strong and balanced. Other safety features to consider are mesh netting and bumpers which will keep children from falling out of the unit. In addition, these materials are puncture free and fireproof which is a great benefit to look for in a bounce house combo.

Size And Capacity

Choosing the right size bounce house combo for an event is important so that all guests can be accommodated. Overcrowding a bounce house combo unit can affect its durability which can put children at risk of injury. Capacity is also necessary to consider, as this can also affect the safeness of the bounce house combo. Reviewing the safety instructions will inform parents of the weight limit of the unit. Bounce house combos made of lightweight nylon can support around 200 to 500 pounds at a time which is an excellent benefit. Therefore, the right size bounce house combo will be able to accommodate all children safely.


Celebrations Bounce House bounce house combos have wonderful features. Such as a separate jumping area, a wet and dry slide, an inflated pool bottom, and a safety entrance step. These kinds of features are great for accommodating large amounts of children at one time. The protective entrance step allows children to enter the bounce house combo safely which will eliminate injury. Another protective feature that should be considered is a roof which can prevent the bounce house combo from overheating.

Reasons to Choose A Bounce House Combo

Choosing a bounce house combo is a great way to entertain children. Children can enjoy the colors and theme of a bounce house combo. Cooling off on a hot day using a water slide is a great way for children to cool down. These units create less stress for parents that are party planning and can be assured that their children are having a great time in a safe and clean environment.

Celebrations Bounce House provides a great selection of bounce house combos. We have a variety of themed bounce house rentals in Chesterfield that children will enjoy. Call us today at (804) 601-8217 regarding our supply of bounce house combos! Visit us on the web at Celebrations Bounce House for more information.