Why Rent An Inflatable Water Slide For A Party

Searching for inflatable water slide rentals for your next party or special event can be a difficult task, especially on short notice. That is why Celebrations Bounce House is there for all of your inflatable wet or dry water slide rental needs. It is important to consider factors such as the safety of the occupants, the features of the inflatable unit, size, and capacity before making your decision.

Why Consider Renting One Of Our Inflatable Water Slides?

  • Safety
  • Features
  • Size & Capacity
  • Reasons To Choose A Wet Or Dry Inflatable Water Slide For A Party


Inflatable water slides can be extremely fun for children of all ages but safety must remain a concern. Not following basic safety guidelines can turn a great memory into a bad experience for the guests. Celebrations Bounce House is the only bounce house company in Richmond that includes a Watchdog Safety Siren. All of our rentals are thoroughly inspected, and cleaned before and after each use. An inflatable operator 18 years of age or older supervising the slide at all times is required. Do not leave the area unsupervised at any time.


Celebrations Bounce House dry and wet water slides provide a fun, kid-friendly themed water slide that is sure to make a splash at the next party. All of our inflatable rentals are provided for 24 hours at no additional rental cost. Our service includes delivery, set up and pick up. All of our water slides are produced with durable, commercial-grade materials on both wet or dry slide units. We have multiple options sure to fit your next party’s needs!

Size & Capacity

Before considering renting an inflatable water slide, it is important to consider the area available for the unit. Dimensions of our water slides vary and will be provided once a particular slide is reserved. Although our units can be set up on asphalt, a flat area surrounded by grass with no obstructions works best. Each slide allows for multiple occupants.

Reasons To Choose A Wet Or Dry Inflatable Water Slide For A Party

What could be more fun than spending a hot afternoon cooling down with an inflatable water slide? Take away the hassle of party planning for your next special event and choose from one of our many wet or dry inflatable water slide units. Guests will enjoy the clean, safe, and kid-friendly experience that is sure to be remembered. Let us build the slide while you build the memories!

Celebrations Bounce House is a locally owned, family and operated company that is there for all of your inflatable water slide needs. Our user-friendly online checkout and reservation pages make a water slide rental easy for the next party. Call us today at (804) 433-0211 to speak with one of our professional specialists.